Al-Salam Palace

The restoration of Al Salam Palace is a cause for great
joy and celebration in Kuwait. The original landmark
palace was built in the 1960s to accommodate visiting
heads of state. In the 1990s the palace was severely
damaged during the Iraqi invasion and thought by
many to be beyond repair.

Hopes of restoring the abandoned palace were
unfulfilled over 30 years, but the Amiri Diwan has
announced with great pride that the palace, its famous
chandelier and its extensive grounds will be restored
to their former beauty and splendour.

In 2016 the palace will re-open as a museum
dedicated to the history of Kuwait told through its
15 rulers. The design will retain the palace’s original
character while incorporating contemporary additions
and meeting the highest international construction

Visitors will follow in the footsteps of heads of state
and VIPs, arriving in the Rotunda, the heart of the
original palace, before beginning a journey through
nine re-created palatial rooms and galleries. The new
palace will border the new Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad
Cultural Centre and be part of Kuwait’s vibrant new
cultural landscape.